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Top Reasons Why Condos Are the Smart Choice When it Comes to Investing

Condominiums are a viable choice in the housing market and have grown in value. Condos can come in low or high-rise buildings and usually feature individual units with private entrances. It is becoming popular now because they are also known to have low maintenance costs, which means there is no need to hire a professional to take care of repairs and renovations. For this reason, many investors choose condos over single-family homes or commercial buildings. If you decide to buy your own unit, consider an important financial and personal decision that requires much preparation, research, and commitment. A significant reason to buy a condominium is its potential to increase value over time. There’s more to add to your checklist and I am sharing the other factors in this article to take into account.

1. Spectacular Amenities and Features

A good unit makes you feel at home and relaxes your mind. It helps you achieve a balance between career and leisure life. Consider all facilities and amenities included, like a swimming pool where you can always try to take a dip to relax and rejuvenate your soul—a fitness gym for a healthy lifestyle and a playroom for your kids. Access to restaurants and coffee shops must be adequate and convenient too.

Other unique amenities are a plus like an outdoor garden, rooftop deck, or an events place. With all the choices of condos in the market today, choosing isn't hard, but finding one with almost all the features you want or need can be quite challenging.

2. Serene and Secured Place to Dwell in

If you are interested in living in a condo community, it is best to research the essential details like security and amenities. A community where you feel secure and protected. Always ask if they offer 24/7 CCTV monitors and have security safeguarding each building. You may also check for fire sprinklers, smoke detectors, electric fences, and more. One's security and wellbeing should always be the top priority.

3. Convenience and Practicality

One can conclude that condos are excellent options for people who want to own their properties without being burdened by the maintenance hassles. Most towers are located in prime spots where you can conveniently reach establishments like supermarkets, workplaces, and even the nearest transportation hub. Condos offer the convenience and practicality that an individual requires while living in a home. They are convenient, and they are also affordable minus the hassle.

4. Location, Location, Location.

Whether you plan to invest in a condo or buy a unit for your family, it is best to choose one that has a good location. It is just like getting a fair deal that gives you peace of mind and will put your valued money to good use. It is very prudent to choose a condominium with an ideal location. The perfect place based on your criteria means that you do not have to go through the trouble of traveling a lot to enjoy your business, leisure, or family time. This makes the property worthwhile and increases its value over time.

The right location can be in the heart of a rising or soon-to-be thriving city where the economy and commercial spaces prosper. Accessibility to all means of transportation is a must too.

5. Developed by Outstanding Property Developer

Property Developers are involved in visualizing and creating the plans for construction; acquiring the raw land where the condo project is going to be built; and, placing the ideas into reality by transforming them into actual property.

In response to the demand of having quality residences, knowing that a condo tower is being developed by a reputable developer is a must.

Who is Congressional Town Center’s developer?

The Sunwealth Land Development Corporation is a duly registered company engaged in the development, marketing, and leasing of real estate in the Philippines. The company focused on building mixed-used mini-townships primarily planned for the middle-income and young professional market. Sunwealth Land has a reputable standing as a developer of high-rise residential towers and condos in the Philippines.

Sunwealth Land began to focus on the development of mixed-use mini-townships primarily geared for the middle income and young professional market by commencing the action of its first mini-township, the Congressional Town Center.

This is a five-tower project that promises its residents luxury and convenience in a vibrant and secure neighborhood, offering boundless opportunities for families in Metro Manila. It is designed for middle-income earners and young professionals who desire a lifestyle with the perks of promenade views, world-class amenities, and complete accessibility to various services within walking distance.

If you're looking to buy or invest in a condo, schedule a site tour and visit us at Congressional Town Center. There are plenty of great reasons to do so: its prime location, pleasant neighborhood, pet-friendly community, plus our highly commendable amenities that include a great pool, fitness room, and covered parking to name a few. If you have any questions or want help deciding if it's right for you, let's talk. You can use this contact form here to request a CTC Property Manager to help you out.

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