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Congressional Town Center is a new community with all the amenities you could ever want. It is a master-planned project, where everything has been designed in advance. From the Grand Lobby and Lounge to the fitness gym to the kids' swimming pool and playroom, you won't need to go out at all!

Grand Lobby and Lounge

The Grand Lobby and Lounge is a great feature that the tower offers, something that we don’t see in most hotels. This lobby is an area for family, friends, and even clients to meet.

Modern Office Interior

Palm Plaza

Palm Plaza promotes residents and guests the opportunity to live a better lifestyle. In addition to luxurious amenities, Palm Plaza will offer its residents the chance to invest in a healthier way of life.

Swimming Pool

The Swimming Pool exceeds all designs that are currently out of the market right now. The space is generously proportioned and designed to provide a comfortable and relaxing experience.


Fitness Gym

This fitness gym is a great benefit for the community of Congressional Town Center. Anyone can use this free-of-charge machine for those who do not want to spend too much money. They see to it that they have tried to provide the public with a fitness facility which will be helpful and helpful in keeping them fit and in shape.


The Play Room is a place where kids can let out some stress and play. Such a place that allows your kids to play is a must for any kind of accommodation.

Colorful Indoor Playground


With lots of restaurants in Congressional Town Center and restaurants plus bars in the immediate vicinity, we feel that Congressional Avenue is such a food haven in the city.

Retail and Botique

Congressional Town Center is changing the shopping experience in the area. Its brands and retail outlets are enticing and pleasant for shoppers of all demographics.

Fashion retailer
Nail Shop

Service Centers

Getting everything you need in one place saves time and energy. This is the reason why Congressional Town Center is giving you all the service centers you need for your comfort.

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